A view of the show floor from the second floor of the ICM exhibit.

The ICM "double decker" exhibit.
Expo attendees are seeing an unusual sight at this year’s AHR Expo – a double-decker exhibit. ICM Corporation, manufacturer of control products, i.e. timers, pressure controls, thermostats, is “head and shoulders” above other exhibitors with their two-story exhibit.

When asked why no other exhibitors had made such a bold move, marketing director Lanise Carano said, “I’m smarter.

We maximized our space but it [exhibit booth] didn’t cost a lot more to construct.”

Carano said that her family-run business is proudly touting their new “Simple Comfort” thermostat, especially since it is made in the U.S.A.

“We believe that Americans and American contractors want to buy American-made products,” Carano added.