A brochure on the MetraSeal 120 reveals that it is a permanent, fireproof, water-proof mechanical seal that acts as a fire stop, filling the gap around steel or copper tubing and up to 2-in. PVC/ CPVC pipe. It is made of interlocking links which do not require curing, unlike caulk, says the company. It has a UL rating of up to two hours of fire protection (one- to two-hour rating on PVC/CPVC) and is intumescent, so the seal swells and forms a hard, crust-like barrier when exposed to fire, says the company. The brochure also indicates that the seal minimizes noise and vibration through pipe and conduit. Installation instructions, features, and charts are included in the brochure.

The Metraflex Co., 2323 West Hubbard St., Chicago, IL 60612; 312-738-3800 or 800-621-4347; 312-738-0415 (fax); www.metraflex.com (website).

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