High-volume, low-speed HVLS fans provide year-round air circulation to create a more comfortable working environment, the company says. The 8- to 24-ft-dia ceiling-mounted fans slowly move up to 125,000 cfm of air (260 fpm) covering an area as large as 20,000 sq ft, costing $.05/hr, says the manufacturer. According to the company, a single 20-ft-dia, 3/4-hp HVLS fan can replace 15 conventional 30-in. column-mounted fans with similarly sized motors, saving over 93% in annual operating costs.

HVLS Fan Co., Attn: Nancy M. Smith, P.O. Box 11307, Lexington, KY 40575-1307, 859-233-1271; 859-233-0139 (fax); www.hvls.com (website).