A new generation of the WhisperCeiling™ premium ventilation fans (FV-05VQ5, FV-08VQ5, FV-11VQ5, FV-15VQ5) offer performance and quiet operation at the static pressure level of both 0.1 and 0.25 inch w.g. The ventilation fans are designed for 4- or 6-inch ducts. With a new central mounting system, contractors now have more flexibility during an installation, since the fans are easier to position in challenging ceiling configurations, says the company. The fans contain a totally enclosed condenser motor and a double-tapered, dolphin-shaped bladed blower wheel to quietly move air. The condenser motor is designed to allow it to operate at lower temperatures, increasing the life of the motor and bearings. The fans have a built-in damper to prevent back draft, which helps to prevent outside air from coming through the fan. Loose fill or batt insulation can be placed directly over the fan housing to prevent heat from escaping. Features of the fans include a 13-inch grille size, a 120/60 (V/Hz) power rating, and thermal fuse protection.

Panasonic Home & Environment Co., One Panasonic Way, Secaucus, NJ 07094; 866-292-7292; www.panasonic.com/ventfans

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