The students have spoken and the instructors have supplied their information. It took some debate, but The News has named its winners in its second annual “Best Hvacr Instructor of the Year” contest.

To read all about the top instructors of 2001, please see the respective profiles on pages 16-18.

Almost five months ago, The News editorial staff started seeking nominations for our contest. In that time we read about the great talent and commitment that comes from our industry’s instructors. We read about instructors from a variety of schools all over the country. And we even got a glimpse at the unique opportunities that some instructors are providing for their students.

When you review the winners, you will find a diverse group of instructors. Some of the faces may look familiar. A couple of the instructors who won in 2000 are winners again this year, showing that their programs are still top notch. And you will see that some new instructors are impacting the industry and shaping the future of technicians.

So take a look and see what our instructors are doing. And see why we think they are the best of the best.

Publication date: 09/10/2001