Exhibitors at the Danfoss booth prepare for the AHR Expo.
ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — If it was valves they sought, visitors to the 2002 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition were not disappointed. They had many products to choose from. Here is a sampling.

Griswold Controls (Irvine, CA) packaged several valves together into one neat offering — the Atomizer coil piping package.

The Atomizer combines an automatic flow control, actuated flow control, and isolation ball valve into one multifunction package. It features the Atomizer on the return side of the coil, and adds a strainer on the supply side for a complete coil hookup whose footprint can fit into tight spaces.

“Both contractors and estimators have reported savings up to 40% for material and labor vs. their standard piping systems,” stated Kristen Ortlinghaus, Griswold product manager.

Parker Climate & Industrial Controls (Cleveland, OH) didn’t stop at one new product to exhibit at the expo; it expanded its portfolio for air conditioning and refrigeration products with new full-flow, low-pressure drop ball valves.

The company added ball valves in 5/8-, 7/8-, and 1-1/8-in. connection sizes, with an operating range of -40 to 250 degrees F. They are rated at a minimum burst pressure of 3,000 psi. Some of the features include:

  • Full-flow/low-pressure-drop design;
  • Simple on/off operation (one quarter turn to go from fully closed to fully open);
  • Corrosion resistance;
  • Easy installation (copper sweat connections); and
  • Reliability (due to the copper forming process).
Henry Technologies, Inc.(Melrose Park, IL) was pleased to launch a new product at the expo: the AC&R Optronic oil level regulator.

According to the company, this electronic oil level control provides an “easy and reliable” means for complete oil control for scroll and conventional compressors. The Optronic unit offers a low-oil-level alarm, compressor shutdown circuitry, and input voltage as standard.

Sporlan Valve exhibitors anxiously await the flood of visitors to their booth.
Marketing manager John Piasecki stated, “The Optronic oil level regulator will revolutionize oil control for scroll compressors.”

Danfoss Inc. (Baltimore, MD) had an impressive lineup of products from its air conditioning and refrigeration divisions. Among those were new compact universal solenoid valves called “type EVU.”

The company says the new valves are “suitable for liquid, suction, and hot gas applications using any fluorinated refrigerant.” Rated liquid capacity is from 1.9 to 5.07 tons of refrigeration (with R-22); suction from 0.16 to 0.42 tons of refrigeration (R-22); and hot gas from 0.35 to 0.94 tons of refrigeration (R-22). The valves are of semi-hermetic construction, with the stainless steel armature sealed onto the brass body.

Honeywell (Warwick, RI) presented a variety of mixing valves at the expo, including:

  • AM Series™ anti-scald proportional thermostatic mixing and diverting valve;
  • MX Series™ high-capacity mixing valves; and
  • HL Series™ high-low temperature control system.
Steve Goins, Honeywell product/marketing manager, told booth visitors, “The valves come with CPVC tubing already attached for easy installations.”

Sporlan Valve Co. (Washington, MO) chose the expo to introduce a customized brazing service to oem’s. The company is now offering the brazing service for distributor/tube assemblies, with or without thermostatic expansion valves.

The company said its dual-cell brazing station uses the gas flux method, which “produces strong, aesthetically pleasing joints, and eliminates undesirable oxidation.”

“Our brazing techniques, which we’ve been gradually expanding for the past three years, also prevent clogging in the copper tubes,” said Jim Ruether, mechanical controls product manager. “Clean tubes mean the evaporator coil performs more efficiently.

“With our tuned solder rings, we can solder up to 46 very clean joints on a single distributor. To duplicate such a complex job by hand is nearly impossible.”

Publication date: 02/04/2002