Steve Ritchie (left) and Vic Shanley (right) demonstrate new products.

ATLANTIC CITY, NJ – On Monday at the Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Expo, Ritchie Engineering announced it has acquired Corrosion Consultants, a Roseville, MI-based manufacturer of ultra violet leak detection devices.

“Corrosion Consultants had the highest quality, easiest to use leak detection tools in the market,” said Steve Ritchie, president, Ritchie Engineering. “This is an excellent addition to our existing line of Yellow Jackets hand-held electronic leak detectors, fixed monitors, and other UV scanner products.”

Ritchie will be marketing this advanced leak detection technology under the Yellow Jacket label. Products include a universal florescent dye, a 12-volt ultra-violet light (110V and 220V also available), and a manual injector.

“We developed the universal florescent dye in 1993,” said Vic Shanley, president, Corrosion Consultants. “It was a breakthrough for leak detection, eliminating the need to stock multiple dyes for various lubricant and refrigerants. We’re also proud to have this dye tested and approved by major lubricant manufacturers. No other dye has this strong of track record on the market.”

According to Ritchie, the ultra-violet 12V light works at up to 20 feet away in low light conditions, 2-feet in sunlight. The company pointed out that its smaller, lightweight size is very portable.

“What’s exciting is the mobility this leak detection method offers,” said Ritchie. “Now a service technician can clip a battery to his belt, and carry a 10-ounce light, and a disposable syringe rather than a case of testing equipment. It’s the easiest, most effective testing method available.”

Publication date: 01/15/2002