ATLANTIC CITY, NJ — How small is small? That seemed to be a theme in the compressor sector of the 2002 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

Hitachi of Shanghai, China, showed single-rotor, twin-rotor, and other compressors in the 0.8- to 3-hp range.

ASI (Kennesaw, GA) showed Matsushita 134a units for dehumidifiers, vending machines, water coolers, compact refrigerators, and side-by-sides. Officials also said plans were under way to introduce R-410A and R-407C units.

Danfoss (Baltimore, MD) also had a fractional hp focus with hermetics it said were 10% more efficient to help refrigerator and freezer manufacturers meet new DOE energy conservation standards.

The company also added to its light commercial hermetic line. Four models were designed for electronic coolers and heat pumps. Two models using R-404A were targeted for beverage coolers, ice machines, and other applications.

Sanyo from Dalian, China, featured scroll compressors with 4- to 6-hp a/c applications.

Newest from Tecumseh (Tecumseh, MI) is in the Vector Series line of reciprocating compressors. The company said “it is in a radically new form, with new specs, at a price that will significantly lower applied cost — particularly with scroll technology.”

Semi-hermetic reciprocating compressors were also shown by Bitzer of Germany. A two-stage unit was offered for extended low-temp applications through use of a specially designed gas port and working valves.

On the larger end of compressor technology was a 100-hp horizontal rotary screw compressor for air conditioning applications from Hitachi (Brisbane, CA) as distributed by AC Component Specialists (Marshfield, MO).

The Italian company RefComp debuted at the AHR Expo with semi-hermetics and compact screws. A two-stage compression system was developed to extend the application range to low evaporative temperatures for use with R-22, -404A, and -507.

Screw compressors for use with R-410A were showcased by Handbell of Taiwan. The company also featured screws for use with R-22, -134a, -407C and -404A.

The booth of Blissfield (Blissfield, MI) included information on compressors from the Italian company Dorin. The open-type compressors had models produced without an oil pump; others were equipped with a high-pressure pump.

Hartford Compressors (West Hartford, CT) told of its ability to furnish recips as well as medium and large screw compressors.

General Refrigermetics (Elmhurst, NY) reported that it has more than 5,000 compressors in stock that have been remanufactured. Tarrant Parts noted it has remanufactured compressors in stock at its facilities in Louisville, KY and Sparks, NV.

“Cool parts at cool prices” was the theme at the booth of Refrigeration Compressor Parts Inc. (Houston, TX), which supplies pistons, rods, rings, gaskets, and the like.

CMP Corp. (Oklahoma City, OK) offerered valve plate assemblies for Bitzer compressors.

National Compressor Exchange (Ridgewood, NY) announced it had “complete lines of replacement compressors and compressor parts” for about a dozen different manufacturers.

Related technology from Henry Technologies (Melrose Park, IL) included a suction line accumulator to prevent compressor damage from a sudden surge of liquid refrigerant or oil.

Publication date: 02/04/2002