CHICAGO — As proof that the market is heating up, manufacturers of radiant and infrared heating products showed off some of their new products at the 2003 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

The Radiant Panel Association (RPA) (Loveland, Colo.) unveiled its “Radiant Basics Home Study Course” on CD-ROM. The two-CD set features John Siegenthaler, P.E., a popular RPA instructor and the author of Radiant Basics and Radiant Precision. Siegenthaler was filmed during an actual classroom demonstration discussing several topics, which are illustrated by a PowerPoint® presentation. Topics covered include piping and wiring schematics, application graphics, and design considerations.

Roberts-Gordon (Buffalo, N.Y.) introduced patented ULTRAVAC™ Controls for the company’s CORAYVAC® infrared heaters. “We are excited to offer this new patented control feature that will provide increased fuel savings and comfort to the customer,” said Mark V. Murdoch, Roberts-Gordon vice president of corporate engineering.

Features include a multi-feature zone temperature sensor and a PC-based software package designed to provide total heating system management from a desktop computer. The optional modem provides remote system management, enabling building owners to monitor multiple heating systems in any location throughout the country from their desktop computers, the company said.

Solaronics, Inc. (Rochester, Mich.) introduced its SunTwin two-stage high-intensity infrared heaters, which are designed to lower fuel costs by preventing energy overshoot in commercial and industrial buildings. According to Tom Lester, Solaronics vice president of sales and marketing, “The heaters, for which a patent is pending, operate in the energy-saving first stage about 90 percent of the time heat is called for.”

He indicated that the second stage kicks in when, for example, sudden gusts of cold air rush in from opened loading dock doors. The extra heat burst prevents chills to employees working in the area. Operating on natural gas or LP gas, the heaters offer energy savings of up to 75 percent over warm air blowing units and allow for separate heat zones without costly partitions, Lester said.

SunTwin heaters are CSA International design certified and are factory wired, piped, and tested. Models are available with 50,000 to 200,000 Btuh inputs for natural gas and 45,000 to 160,000 Btuh inputs for LP gas.

Stratagistics (Marietta, Ga.) represented a number of different heating products at the AHR Expo, including the Algarve Electric Heater, an electric quartz heater suitable for indoor or outdoor use. The Algarve provides radiant, directional heat “within seconds and is economical to operate,” according to the company. It is bracket mounted, typically eight feet off the ground, which means it can heat an area approximately 10 feet wide.

Watts Radiant (Springfield, Mo.) introduced two new Heatweave ZERO EMF electric radiant floor heating mats. Thinset Mats in 120- and 240-volt models are 36 inches wide. They are designed for floor warming in thin masonry under any floor covering. The new Underfloor Mats are designed to be suspended under subfloors in 16-, 19.2-, and 24-inch joist spaces.

“The heating elements are double insulated, DuPont Kevlar® reinforced, and the mats and power leads are fully grounded,” said Watts Radiant’s Dan Chiles.

Publication date: 02/17/2003