The company’s duct wrap insulation is composed of glass fibers bonded together with a thermosetting resin, creating a strong, resilient, blanket-type insulation that is easy to fit and install on hvac ductwork, the manufacturer says. The duct wrap insulation helps control heat loss and condensation; ductwork enclosed in the insulation can handle conditioned air at temperatures ranging from 35¿ to 250¿F for face duct wrap and 35¿ to 350¿ for unfaced wrap, says the company. The faced duct wrap is available with either an FSK or vinyl film vapor-retarder facing. The FSK facing is a glass scrim reinforced laminate of aluminum foil and kraft paper bonded with flame-retardant adhesive. The vinyl film facing is available in either white or gray.

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Publication date: 10/29/2001