ALPHARETTA, GA — According to a recent Georgia State University report, the post-Sept. 11 economy has been tougher on Georgia and metro Atlanta compared to other parts of the country. Minorplanet Atlanta ( is helping local businesses get through these difficult economic times by increasing productivity levels and decreasing costs with its fleet management system, Vehicle Management Information (VMI).

Steve Ritchie, president of Atlanta-based Metro Mechanical, says he is seeing significant productivity gains with VMI. “VMI’s minute-by-minute capabilities allow us to capture important vehicle data that makes us more efficient and gives us more time to complete additional jobs with the same resources. I expect to add an additional $600,000 in business this year due to the VMI system,” he said.

Specifically developed for service companies and commercial fleets in metro markets, VMI is a state-of-the-art, global positioning system (GPS)-based fleet management system designed to help service companies of all sizes improve vehicle and workforce efficiency. The system is said to monitor vehicles in real time, enabling customers to generate detailed reports that calculate and display money-saving statistics such as fuel efficiency, productivity levels, and labor costs.

Publication date: 06/24/2002