ST. LOUIS - Emerson Climate Technologies has made available its Where To Buy tool. This feature allows contractors to locate wholesalers that carry any one or a combination of product lines. The Where To Buy tool lists more than 3,100 wholesaler locations across the United States and also identifies the more than 320 Emerson Authorized Full-Line Wholesalers.

According to Bob Labbett, vice president of marketing for Emerson's Distribution Services, the tool is designed to support Emerson Climate Technologies wholesalers in their efforts to identify and promote themselves.

"The Where To Buy tool makes it easier for contractors to visit and partner with any wholesaler representing the Emerson product lines," Labbett said.

"The site is very user friendly and is available anytime, to help contractors get the Emerson products they need quickly and easily."

"This initiative is unifying the aftermarket offering and making it that much easier for us to do business with contractors and other end users," Labbett said. "Rather than having to consult as many as six different Websites and six different where to buy tools, our customers can quickly and easily navigate to one central location for all of their Emerson product and service needs. The goal is to do everything we can to connect our wholesaler and contractor partners, so they can better communicate with each other to make their jobs and businesses more successful."

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Publication date: 05/29/2006