A line of reciprocating saw blades cuts metal, wood, brick, pipe, plasterboard, glass, and tile, and can be used when installing heating and air conditioning systems, installing electrical wall connections, or cutting through ceilings and walls. They include the Bimetal 3840, Carbide 3846, and Woodcutting blades 3842. The shatterproof design of the bimetal blade increases operator safety while the blade is in use, says the company. These blades are available have precision-ground teeth. Individual blades are clearly marked with specifications and dimensions on the blade so users can easily identify which one to choose. Blades in the self-service packaging are available in one-, two-, and five-blade quantities and are housed in clear plastic cassettes. Industrial-use blades come in quantities of 10 or 100 and are packaged in transparent plastic boxes.

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