Research Products Corp., Madison, WI, has introduced a residential electronic air cleaner that it says combines the best of both electronic and media air cleaners.

The Model 5000 uses the same filtration principles as the company’s Aprilaire media air cleaner Models 2200 and 2400, but also incorporates a unique technology called “electrically enhanced air filtration.”

It works by positively charging airborne contaminants in an ionizing field and capturing them on a grounded micro fiber media. It incorporates a 16,000-volt power supply, which is a substantially higher voltage than that used by most electronic air cleaners, according to the company.

“Tests based on ASHRAE Standard 52.2 reveal the unit is 93% efficient on particles as small as 0.30 microns whereas conventional electronic air cleaners are only 71% efficient on particles of the same size,” the company states. According to Research Products, the Model 5000 removes in excess of 89% of airborne bacteria ranging in size from 0.30 to 20 microns. It also removes 99% of airborne particles ranging in size from 2.0 to 15 microns (the typical size for fungus and mold spores); and 99.5% of pollen, spores and ragweed ranging in size from 10 to 100 microns.

Electronic air cleaners tend to become less efficient as the collector plates clog with debris. But the Model 5000 uses no collector plates. The only maintenance is semi-annual inspection of the control electrode for dirt buildup, and annual media replacement.

Bruce Darkow, product manager, said dealers will benefit from first sales as well as repeat media sales.

“Dealers will also find the unit easier to install because of the integral, built-in air switch,” Darkow said. “As a result, the need to wire a remote air-sensing device is eliminated and dealers only need to equip the unit with power by plugging it into a standard outlet.”

For more information, phone 800-334-6011.