A solid-state timer accessory has been added to the Series 80 group of 5/8-in.-dia orifice, solenoid-operated, two-way, normally closed diaphragm valves. The integrated timer and valve combination is used for a variety of on/off cycle applications. At the end of a valve’s preset off time, the solenoid is energized and the on cycle begins. At the conclusion of the preset on time, power is removed from the solenoid and a new cycle begins. The timer provides 1- to 45-min adjustable off time and 0.25- to 25-sec adjustable on time with pushbutton manual override, says the company. Peter Paul Electronics Co., Inc., 480 John Downey Drive, P.O. Box 1180, New Britain, CT 06050-1180; 860-229-4884; 860-223-1734 (fax); pmangia@mail.snet.net (e-mail);www.peterpaul.com(website).

eProduct #187

Publication date: 09/25/2000