The Service Hotline in the Oct. 2Newsinadvertently left out a word from an item on vent residue from Indoor Diagnostics Inc. The text in question should have read: “We have found that when air registers are selected using the ASHRAE ADPI criteria, the problem of streaking does not happen.”

Also, a brief timeline of Contractor Success Group (CSG), which ran in the Sept. 18 issue, may have oversimplified the history. According to Jim Abrams, now president of Airtime 500, he and John Young incorporated CSG in 1990 and then invited other contractors to join. In 1996, Abrams and Young incorporated Service Experts and extended invitations to other contractors to join the group.

Finally, Tom Edwards of Ruskin pointed out an inaccuracy in an Industry News item on the company’s actuators in the Oct. 9 issue. The dampers are not being recalled, but the company recently announced a retrofit program involving Siebe MA2xx actuators on certain Ruskin fire and smoke dampers. There have been some reports that certain of these actuators have “stuck,” causing the damper to fail to close in field tests.

Under the terms of the replacement program, end-users of Ruskin dampers with the model designations “SD” and “FSD,” that contain nonperforming Siebe MA2xx actuators manufactured by Invensys (Siebe) Environmental Controls, can obtain, at no cost, a replacement actuator. In order to be eligible for such a replacement, the building owner must test the actuator to determine if it is properly functioning. If it is not functioning, the owner is eligible to receive a new actuator and to be reimbursed up to $120/unit.

For more information, contact the Replacement Actuator Coordinator at 877-781-5186; or visit the Ruskin website (www., where contractors and building owners may obtain additional information and register for the program.

The News regrets any inconvenience caused by these errors.

Publication date: 10/16/2000