MOUNT PROSPECT, Ill. - To demonstrate their support of HVACR education, Thomson Delmar Learning (TDL) is sponsoring a limited number of grants for the HVAC Excellence Employment Ready Certification (Student Outcome Assessments) test. The HVAC Excellence Employment Ready Certifications determine that HVACR students completing coursework are properly trained and ready for employment. These certifications validate a student's area-specific retained knowledge and help to evaluate the effectiveness of a program. TDL will provide a limited number of programs an opportunity to offer these exams at no charge.

Schools participating in this program will have access to a comparative analysis where they can view their standings related to other programs. TDL will evaluate the effectiveness of current training, see where weaknesses are in current HVACR education, and add to future curriculum to address deficiencies.

To apply for the grant or learn more about Employment Ready Certification from HVAC Excellence, visit

Publication date: 06/19/2006