STAMFORD, CT — Lindab Inc. recently recognized its top-performing distributors at its 2002 Distributors’ Meeting in Virginia Beach, VA, May 17-18. The sheet metal duct product manufacturer presented six firms with the annual Silver Elbow Award.

The award, a silver-plated elbow duct mounted onto a plaque engraved with the distributor’s name, is given to companies that achieve “significant gains in market share and volume within their regions” for 2001, according to a Lindab announcement.

The 2002 award was presented to:

  • Air Equipment LLC, East Hartford, CT;
  • Colby Equipment Co. Inc., Indianapolis, IN;
  • Faulkner/Haynes & Associates, Columbia, SC;
  • Fontanesi and Kann Co., Oak Park, MI;
  • H&B Products Inc., Lanham, MD; and
  • Mechanical Reps Inc., Austin, TX.

    Connecticut firm Air Equipment has received the award before, as has Colby Equipment and H&B Products. Lars E.W. Nilsson, president of Lindab, stated, “This clearly demonstrates that these distributors have not rested on their laurels, but continue to push the envelope in sales performance within their territories.”

    In addition to Lindab, Air Equipment carries equipment lines from Loren Cook, Ruskin, Airguard Filtration, and Twin City Fans, as well as others.

    Sidebar: Lindab Product News

    Earlier this year, Stamford, CT-based Lindab announced that its nonwoven polyester fabric is standard on all of its double-wall ductwork. The company stated that, regardless of duct size or shape, Lindab will be using this fabric in every SPIROsafe double-wall component.

    The thin, mesh-like fabric is placed between the insulation and perforated inner duct in order to prevent fiberglass strands (“fiber fly”) from getting into the system.

    The fabric is also said to maintain the desired acoustical properties in the double wall, “so attenuating performance is not compromised,” the company said.

    Lars E.W. Nilsson, president of Lindab, said, “To not make this fabric available in all our SPIROsafe double-wall products goes against Lindab’s fundamental beliefs, especially when we know it can help people breathe more easily.”

    The company has implemented additional standards for its entire SPIROsafe line. For example, all system components are calibrated to the strictest tolerance standards and are backed by a 10-year warranty.

    Additionally, SPIROsafe’s patented double-lipped sealing gaskets prevent leakage and “are guaranteed to outperform the tightest standard SMACNA and ASHRAE address, Leakage Class 3,” the company states.

    For more information, contact Lindab at 800-797-7476 or visit (website).

    Publication date: 06/24/2002