Rotobrush featured its new i2Cam™ marketing video inspection system. The 1-inch digital lighted, color camera with 7-inch LCD monitor makes giving free video air duct inspections “a snap.”

NEW YORK - Duct cleaning equipment and products are becoming more and more sophisticated. Proof was at the 2008 Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo).

In regard to duct cleaning,Rotobrush( launched its newly enhanced Roto-Vision video inspection system, designed for video-assisted air duct cleaning. The 1/8-inch digital, lighted, color camera now features a 10.4-inch color LSD (light shaping diffuser) screen. The system also offers more versatility, said the company. It is lighter in weight, can be used with the included tripod, or can be mounted to the Rotobrush aiR+® air duct cleaning system or set it on a flat surface. It provides picture capture and video recording.

“With the Roto-Vision, we are able to go in and actually show the customer that we are able to solve their problems in the ductwork,” commented Kim and Ray Smith, contractors and Rotobrush customers. “It is something that has really helped out business and has brought credibility to us.”

The system has a detachable 35-foot cord, can be battery operated, and comes with a custom carrying case with adjustable strap.

Also new is its i2Cam™ marketing video inspection system. The 1-inch digital lighted color camera with 7-inch LCD monitor goes anywhere, said the company, and makes giving free video air duct inspections a snap. The system has a 12-foot cord, is battery operated, comes in a carrying case with adjustable strap, and has a digital video recorder to capture and save the inspection.

Meyer Machine and Equipment, Inc.( touted its Hurricane Whip System. High-pressure air is designed to loosen debris, allowing for easier duct cleaning, the company said. Variable whip lengths are available, and some rigid rods have been designed for more accurate whip placement in large ducts.


Atco Rubber Products Inc.( touted its flexible duct systems, the UPC No. 070 (R value 4.2), UPC No. 076 (R-6.0), and UPC No. 078 (R-8.0). All thermal performance (R values) are classified by Underwriters Laboratories. The Class 1 air ducts are manufactured with tridirectional fiberglass scrim-reinforced, grey polyester outer jacket.

The inner core of all three products is air tight and designed for low-to- medium operating pressures in HVAC systems. All three models can be used as a complete air duct system and/or a branch duct connecting to mixing boxes, diffusers, light troffers, room inlets, or other terminal devices.

Air Products and Controls( showed its new MSR-50 Series remote accessories, designed for use with the company’s duct smoke detectors, “to provide the range of functionality required by your local commercial application,” the company said. The series comes with two models of the controller: the MSR-50RM, designed to provide a hidden magnet test switch and a pushbutton reset; and the MSR-50RK, designed to provide a key-operated detector test and reset function.

Ductmate( featured its GreenSeam™ sealed snap-lock pipe. It is available in galvanized, aluminum, and 304 stainless steel. It features improved lock design “for fast assembly and improved strength,” the company said. The seam pipe is available in 24-, 26-, and 30-gauge thicknesses, and is available in 24-, 60-, and 120-inch lengths. One end is crimped for quick duct assembly.

DuctSox ( introduced its LabSox Series of fabric HVAC duct and air distribution accessories designed for research laboratories, pharmaceutical manufacturing facilities, and other critical environment applications. The company said the creation of its LabSox Series was inspired after the successful application of the D-Fuser™, the fabric-faced diffusers, in pharmaceutical/research lab beta sites. The D-Fuser now will be joined by DuctSox’s newly introduced Surface-Mount and The Cylindrical models, the latter of which will appear in mid 2008.

The Surface Mount features a new track design and fabric panel assembly method designed for easy installation in new construction and retrofit applications. The fabric back panel is designed to allow for flexibility and custom sizes for increased cfm’s, at discharge velocities lower than 30 ft/min with DuctSox’s Surround-Flow, which blends the airflow of the metal diffuser industry’s Laminar and Radial airflows, said Cary Pinkalla, president of DuctSox.

“Because sheet metal prices will inevitably increase in the future as they have in the recent past, the all fabric Surface Mount carries a significantly better price than metal diffusers,” said Pinkalla.

DuctSox said its new LabSox Series is inspired by the successful introduction and testing of the D-Fuser™ (pictured here) at pharmaceutical and research lab beta sites. LabSox is said to be the HVAC industry’s first fabric-faced diffusers for critical environments.


DuroDyne( introduced its Dyno-O-Wrap and Dyna-Tite Starter Kit. Dyno-O-Wrap is a self-adhesive film designed to protect uninstalled duct sections from the intrusion of contaminants. While the duct is handled, stored, or transported, its interior is unprotected from water, dust, and debris, the company explained. The wrap is designed to securely seal the duct and block the exposure. The company said its duct-wrapping film is 40 percent thicker than most wrapping films.

The Starter Kit includes a roll of cable, CL12 cable locks, custom cable counter lid, and cable cutter. The CL12 is recommended for hanging smaller-diameter duct. It features a release pin for adjustments without the use of tools. The CL 12 has a working load limit of 150 pounds when used with 3/32-inch cable (75 pounds when used with 1/16-inch cable).

Gray Flex Systems Inc.( touted its metalized polyester duct, which comes in R values of 4.2, 6.0, and 8.0. The same R-values apply for the gray polyester and the black polyethylene duct. The company also has mobile home duct, aluminum foil connectors, and polyester connectors.

K-Flex USA( featured its AL Clad elastomeric insulation with aluminum foil laminated to plastic cladding. It is suitable for indoor and outdoor use, comes in 3-foot lengths for easy handling, is moisture resistant and mold and mildew resistant.

Owens Corning( introduced its pipe insulation with Evolution™ Paper-Free ASJ. According to the company, the paper-free design does not support mold growth and is impervious to moisture. It said the product is three times tougher than standard ASJ, “so it better resists jobsite abuse and maintains a superior finished appearance, which reduces callbacks.” All sizes have the SSL II® Positive Closure System, designed to eliminate the need to staple and promote jobsite productivity.

Spunstrand( said it has “green duct that works.” Its duct is designed to maximize clean airflow, eliminate rust and mold growth, and provide “a more comfortable environment for building occupants,” the company said. As a member of the U.S. Green Building Council, the company said it has demonstrated how direct-bury underslab duct eliminates concrete encasements, as well as extra soffit framing, sheet rock, and insulation because of improved heating efficiency.

Publication date:02/18/2008