COEUR D’ALENE, ID — The buzz word for the future of hvacr training for the last few years has been online distance learning. In most cases, the concept allows students to learn lessons and take tests via the Internet and to correspond with instructors and other students over e-mail. But with online learning touted as the next big thing, not many industry associations and training programs have perfected it.

Now, one hvacr instructor from North Idaho College (NIC), Chris Compton, is ready to take one step towards that future of training. Compton has announced that will go online sometime in September 2001.

“One of the biggest problems facing the industry today is a growing demand for and a dwindling supply of qualified hvacr technicians,” said Compton. “ will provide a solution to this problem by offering affordable, accessible training to anyone, anywhere, at any time through the Internet.” will have online lesson modules that will be available to students by entering a password. The student can then work on the class without having to travel to a classroom. Also, participants will take tests online and interact with instructors and other students through e-mail.

According to Compton, NIC became interested with distance learning after hearing from contractors, employers, and students about the time and money constraints of working for a business and going to school.

“By offering classes over the Internet, which is already a proven method of academics and other vocational fields, we can enable employers to send their technicians to school without losing them from work and spending thousands of dollars,” said Compton.

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Publication date: 07/30/2001