Abatement Technologies, Duluth, GA, introduces a larger addition to its CAP 600 (central air purifier, 600 cfm), which first debuted in 1995.

The CAP 1200 is for larger homes and light commercial applications. The unit comes with a prefilter, UV light, and a final HEPA particulate filter. The filter media is non-electronic. The UV lighting kills airborne microbes, giving the unit an edge over standard media filtration, the company says.

On August 1, the company will introduce another version, the HT-UVP, which also includes ozonation. Diane Fort of Abatement Technologies said the acronym UVP stands for “ultraviolet plus,” as the system uses ultraviolet plus ozone to appeal to those who prefer the use of ozone in their air cleaning products. The ozone levels meet all UL standards, she said.

The products will fit inside popular brands of standard electronic air cleaner cabinets, Fort said, offering consumers an alternative should the electronic elements fail or need replacement. The CAP 600 is recommended for up to a 5-ton air handler, while the CAP 1200 is recommended for 5- to 7.5-ton units, or even up to 10 tons with fewer air changes. The air cleaners are sold direct to contractors.

The true HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters in the CAP600 models, certified to a minimum efficiency of 99.97% at 0.3 microns, effectively capture even smaller microscopic particles and biological pollutants, such as tobacco smoke, bacteria, viruses, and mold and fungal spores.

CAP technology works three ways. First, activated carbon filters are utilized in CAP600 series models to eliminate or reduce airborne gases and odors. Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) is also generated with specially designed germicidal UV lamps. Finally, unique UV Plus lamps also generate UV energy in a second wavelength range to produce a controlled amount of trivalent oxygen — also known as ozone — via a chemical oxidation reaction known as photolysis. Ozone is used throughout the world for numerous air and water purification and deodorization applications, such as purifying the bottled water we drink. This powerful oxidizer breaks down unpleasant odors, and provides increased effectiveness against molds and mold products.

For more information, log on to Abatement Technologies’ website at www.abatement.com.