Abatement Technologieshas introduced theCAP1200 UVP-Modelto its line of Central Air Purifiers. The motorized CAP1200-UVP, with True HEPA Filtration, is designed for larger residences and light commercial applications with HVAC Systems of 4-10 tons. The CAP 1200-UVP features Abatement Technologies’ unique UV Plus microbial control system to control bacteria and viruses while impairing the growth of molds and fungi. It also neutralizes VOC’s, unpleasant household odors and tobacco by-products. An ozone-free UV model is also available. For more information, contact theIAQ Products Division of Abatement Technologieson the web atiaqinfo@abatement.comor call800-634-9091.

Publication date: 01/08/2001