Larry Lemon of Larry’s Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning in Slaton, TX sells customers on his products by inviting them to his showroom. If they are not familiar with the Arcoaire brand name, he tells them, “I have had two Arocaire systems in my own business facility for several years, and I have two Arcoaire systems at my own home.” He tells everybody, “If you want what I’ve got, this is it. And I tell them that I trust it, rely on it, and it has done a great job for me.”

He said that most of his customers respond to that line of reasoning with, “If it’s good enough for you in your house, I’ll take it — even if they’ve never heard of it.”

Lemon has owned the business since 1991, has 12 employees, and currently does 60% residential and 40% commercial installation, service, and repair work.

He added that customers like to see the product they are getting before it’s installed, so he invites them to come to his 45- by 30-ft showroom.

“I have the advantage of showing customers product ahead of time through our showroom, [which] includes an upflow gas furnace and condensing unit on the floor,” Lemon said.

(Reprinted with permission from International Comfort Product’s “Dealer Access” newsletter.)

Publication date: 07/16/2001