SCHAUMBURG, IL — GE-Zurich Warranty Management, Inc., a joint venture company formed by GE Warranty Management, Inc., and Zurich American Insurance Co., announced that it has signed an agreement with People’s Gas in Tampa, FL, to provide customers with a customized home appliance warranty program.

The program, called TECOGuard, is designed to provide repair and replacement coverage for many major household systems and appliances under one plan. The agreement is part of GE-Zurich Warranty Management, Inc.’s, strategy to expand its distribution network and customer base by forming key partnerships in the utilities sector and developing products for utility company customers.

Andrew Cowan, vice president, Extended Service Programs, said, “The partnership opens up a new channel of distribution for our service contracts and warranty programs and complements our existing relationships with consumer products manufacturers and retailers.”

Under the agreement, People’s Gas will be able to offer customers several different TECOGuard plans to cover major household appliances as well as heating, plumbing, electrical and central air conditioning systems. GE-Zurich Warranty Management will manage the program, providing customer and account management services.

People’s Gas is Florida’s largest natural gas utility, serving most major metropolitan areas in the state. People’s Gas is a member of the TECO Energy family of companies, including Tampa Electric Co., TECO Power Services, TECO Bosek-Gibson Associates, and other energy-related businesses.

Pub;ication date: 11/20/2000