The hvacr industry has a multitude of technologies working together to make each system function. A technician newly graduated from a vo-tech school or a technician with a few years of experience could not be expected to know all the different technologies they will encounter.

Even a service tech with many years of experience needs to refine skills and continue to master new technologies.

The importance of continuing education cannot be overemphasized. A good service technician knows this and strives to keep learning.

Any service technician who is serious about this field will always look for ways to learn more. Knowledge is the best tool any service technician can carry. And, like any tool, it needs to be worked on to keep it sharp and useful. A dull or poorly maintained tool is of no use to a service technician when s/he needs it most.

Beware Complacency

Technicians should never become complacent and believe they have learned all that can be learned. With all of the various and rapidly changing technologies in our field, it is truly an enormous task to master them all.

There are numerous ways for technicians to continue their education:

  • Join a trade organization. Many organizations offer educational material for technicians to study and review. Others offer evening classes, and many offer seminars on a variety of topics.
  • Contact equipment manufacturers. Many manufacturers offer in-depth training seminars on the equipment they manufacture. These seminars, which usually are offered through local wholesalers or distributors, are an excellent source of information.

    Many manufacturers also maintain mailing lists so a technician or service company can be notified of new information or seminars.

  • Read technical articles published in trade magazines. Such magazines contain a broad range of technical information, and it is wise for a technician to subscribe to as many magazines as possible.

    Attend a local college that offers evening courses in heating, air conditioning, and refrigeration. These courses tend to contain basic information, but it is a useful way to strengthen one’s knowledge base.

    Given all the opportunities available for service technicians to refine their skills, there should be no excuse not to keep learning. Knowledge is truly powerful, and a good technician should strive to continue to learn.

    Marchese is owner of Arctic-Air Refrigeration, Pittsburgh, PA.

    Publication date: 11/06/2000