FARMINGTON, CT — Carrier Corp. has announced a new organizational structure for its global refrigeration business. The restructuring is due in part to Carrier’s acquisitions over the past five years. These acquisitions include Tyler, Ardco, GFF, Electrolux (now named European Refrigeration Display), LG Refrigeration, and Specialty Equipment Companies (SEC).

“Now that this critical scale has been achieved, the organization will evolve into several agile operating entities, focused on operational excellence as well as growth,” said Carrier president Jon Ayers.

The first of these new operating entities is North American Commercial Refrigeration, encompassing Tyler Refrigeration, Ardco, and the SEC operating units in North America, which comprises the brands Taylor Company, Beverage Air, Wells/ Bloomfield, Carter-Hoffman, and World Dryer. Jeff Rhodenbaugh has been named as the president of North American Commercial Refrigeration and will be responsible for global refrigeration product platforms.

William M. Brown has also been appointed president of the Carrier refrigerated transport organization, which consists of the Carrier Transicold Container Products Group, North American and European truck-trailer, and bus-rail air conditioning.

Finally, Ayers also announced that the European Refrigerated Display, European Commercial Refrigeration, and the Marine business will become a part of the European and Transcontinental Operations (ETO) and report to ETO president Ted Amyuni. The Asian refrigeration operations, including Korea LG, Asia-Pacific CRO, and CRO-India will report to Asia Pacific Operations (APO) president Bill Brown. In Latin America, CRO will report to the Latin American Operations (LAO) president Carlos Renck.

Publication date: 05/28/2001