One of the most familiar names in the hvacr industry is Carrier Corp. Among its familiar brand names to refrigeration service technicians and contractors are Tyler, maker of supermarket racks and display cases; Taylor, maker of soft serve ice cream machines and other products; Beverage-Air, maker of such products as refrigerators that hold cold drinks in stores; and Ardco, which produces glass doors for refrigerated display cases, among other products.

In recent years Tyler, Taylor, Beverage-Air, and Ardco have come under the Carrier corporate umbrella. Even more recently, Carrier announced a new organizational structure for its global refrigeration business, “designed to continue achieving operational excellence while growing its position in the global refrigeration industry,” according to president Jon Ayers.

Through it all, the company has a message for those technicians who deal regularly with Tyler, Taylor, Beverage-Air, and Ardco products: Equipment will continue to be available under their familiar brand names through current distribution channels.

Ayers referenced this in his announcement of the new organizational structure. “With the achievement of an aggressive strategy of growth through acquisition over the past five years, Carrier has succeeded in establishing a worldwide footprint and leading share position in the global refrigeration industry.

“Now that this critical scale has been achieved, the organization will evolve into several agile operating entities, focused on operational excellence as well as growth.”

In other words, bringing a number of companies under the corporate umbrella was designed to position Carrier to provide a broader range of refrigeration products, not to retool or disband familiar companies.

Also remaining as part of the Carrier family is the Replacement Components Division, including its Totaline stores. Officials said there are no plans to change RCD or Totaline operations.


The new structure includes the operating entity Carrier Commer-cial Refrigeration. This encompasses Tyler Refrigeration, Ardco, and the Specialty Equipment Companies (SEC) operating units in North America, including Taylor Co., Beverage Air, Wells/ Bloomfield, Carter-Hoffmann, and World Dryer.

Jeff Rhodenbaugh has been named president of Carrier Commercial Refrigeration, and will also be responsible for global refrigeration products. He joined the team with the acquisition of SEC in 2000 and has a 24-year career in the food refrigeration and service industry.

Also in the new structure, William M. Brown has been appointed president of Carrier Transport Refrigeration and Air Conditioning, consisting of the Carrier Container Products Group, North American and European truck-trailer, and bus-rail air conditioning operations.

“The new truck-trailer and bus-rail organization will continue to focus on growing Carrier’s presence in the North American and European regions, while supporting our global position,” said Ayers. “This new structure will increase our ability to achieve organic growth and operating efficiency in these core transport businesses.”

Brown most recently held the position of vice president and general manager of RCD.


Ayers also announced a new reporting structure for Carrier’s international refrigeration operations, to allow for cost and aftermarket distribution coordination with the company’s international hvac operations.

Specifically, the European commercial refrigeration businesses (including European Refrigerated Display, European Commercial Refrigeration, and the Marine business) will become part of the European and Transcontinental Operations (ETO) and report to ETO president Ted Amyuni.

Asian refrigeration operations (including Carrier LG in Korea, Asia-Pacific CRO and CRO-India) will report to Asia Pacific Operations (APO) president Bill Brown.

The Singapore manufacturing operation will continue in its role supporting the Container Products Group as part of APO. The Latin American refrigeration entities will report to Latin American Oper-ations (LAO) president Carlos Renck.

Publication date: 07/02/2001