MUSKEGON, MI — When Don and Jill Bowen, winners ofThe News’ “Do You Want to Grow Your Business?” contest, decided it was time to change their way of doing business, one of the key areas they focused on was business management software. Their software wasn’t doing the job, so it was time for a change.

Consultant Ruth King made some recommendations on which packages to examine. She suggested that the Bowens take their time and learn as much as they could about their future software package. The Bowens followed some of King’s advice, but not all of it.

They conducted extensive research into business software, but when they made their choice, it turned out to be something that King did not recommend.

“I wasn’t in favor of it,” King said. But she also said that she “doesn’t write the checks for them, only recommends.”

So why did the Bowens choose SASWIN 2000 software, developed by Service Automation Systems, Inc., for their business? Don Bowen described the reasons:

  • “It seems very user friendly. My biggest concern was getting software that was not too complicated for the secretaries and the service techs.
  • “The different functions the program has such as: keeping track of the planned maintenance, job costing, inventory, reports, and dispatching. It is true Windows software.
  • “The support that Service Automation Systems offers. I was very impressed with being able to speak with the owner, Charlie, and that he took time to walk me through the demo personally.
  • “SASWIN offers flat rate pricing/interface, and wireless mobile communication — something that may be cost-effective for our company in the future as we grow.”
  • Don Bowen said he has “about every sample software program there is for an hvac business.” After spending hours and hours analyzing the situation and talking with people about their software, he feels very confident that he has chosen the right program for Bowen Refrigeration, Heating and Cooling.

    NEXT: Ruth King is scheduled to revisit the Bowens in August. The News will be there.

    Publication date: 07/30/2001