NEW BERLIN, Wis. - WennSoft, a provider of business software solutions, announced that it has created a partnership with Axonom and is offering a new product, called WennSoft CRM Extensions built on Powertrak™, which will be available in the fall of 2009.

According to the companies, WennSoft CRM Extensions built on Powertrak will seamlessly integrate the functionality of WennSoft CRM Extensions and Axonom Powertrak. It is designed to help field service and construction companies gain better visibility into their customer-centric and financial information, and also give users greater ability to tailor their software solution to meet the specific needs of their organization.

“We’re excited to expand the WennSoft CRM Extensions Solution and take WennSoft CRM offerings to a whole new level,” said Julie West, president and COO of WennSoft. “Our partnership with Axonom will enable WennSoft customers to improve their visibility and access to their customer-centric information as well as the operational aspects that WennSoft currently delivers. Axonom will enable WennSoft to find new ways to help our customers control their costs, create efficiencies, and gain an edge over their competition.”

WennSoft CRM Extensions built on Powertrak is designed to enable organizations to provide higher levels of service by having information readily available when making decisions and providing customer service.

“Combining Powertrak with WennSoft CRM Extension will deliver more functionality and benefits to WennSoft customers,” said Michael Belongie, VP of sales for Axonom. “This partnership is exciting because the two organizations complement one another beautifully and it helps share Axonom’s capabilities with many new customers.”

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Publication date:07/27/2009