ARLINGTON, VA — The Air-Con-ditioning and Refrigeration Institute (ARI) has released six equipment performance standards for downloading from its website.

  • Standard 250-2001, “Perform-ance and Calibration of Reference Sound Sources,” establishes the performance characteristics of a reference sound source.
  • Standard 400-2001 covers “Liquid to Liquid Heat Exchangers.”
  • Standard 420-2000, “Unit Coolers for Refrigeration,” applies to factory-made, forced-circulation, free-delivery unit coolers for refrigeration, operating under frosting or non-frosting conditions, using volatile refrigerants.
  • Standard 560-2000, “Absorption Water Chilling and Water Heating Packages,” applies to water-cooled, single-effect, steam- and hot water-operated water chilling units, as well as water-cooled, double-effect, direct-fired water chilling-heating units.
  • Standard 810-2000 applies to factory-made “Automatic Commercial Ice Makers.”
  • Standard 820-2000 applies to factory-made “Ice Storage Bins.”
  • To download copies of the stand-ards, visit (website). Paper copies may be ordered by request through ARI at 703-528-3816 (fax).

    Publication date: 03/26/2001