The dreaded glitch; it causes leaky roofs, faulty garage door openers, fuzzy VCRs, and a/c units that won’t cool a room. But it can now be fought, thanks to a new consumer Web site. www.Repair gives consumers access to local repair professionals, a fix-it-yourself guide, and online repair or service scheduling.

When consumers access the Web site, they find a cutaway view of a house with appliances and systems easy to find. They click on that picture where the service is needed.

From there, the site identifies the exact nature of the “glitch.” Consumers then have the option of entering a zip code number to find a service professional in their area or they can choose to troubleshoot the problem themselves.

When service is needed, the Web site provides the information consumers need to select a service business, including brief histories, repair rates, maps, contact information, hours of operation, and word-of-mouth ratings from previous site users. In many cases, a service appointment can be scheduled via the Web site.

Contractors interested in signing on as a service provider should visit the Web site.