McGuffy Systems, Inc., Cypress, TX, purchased 80 TURBIdek evaporative cooling systems from Systems Division of Munters Corp., Fort Myers, FL, to be installed onto Pratt & Whittney manufactured gas turbines.

McGuffy manufactures carbon steel inlet air filter houses, a key component of gas turbines used in the power generation industry, and will spend $1.3 million on the cooling systems.

“The TURBIdek system, when added to the inlet air house, will increase the output of cooler, denser air, giving gas turbines a higher mass flow rate and pressure ration,” said Larry Klekar, sales manager for Munters. “The result is an increase in turbine power output and efficiency.”

The first Pratt & Whittney turbine units built will be headed to the Midwest region, into areas that realized power capacity problems during last summer’s heat wave.