WASHINGTON, DC — The Hospitality Coalition on Indoor Air Quality, a partnership of 12 organizations that include labor unions, trade associations, technical specialists, and businesses, has come together to improve indoor air quality (IAQ) within the $399 billion hospitality industry.

Steve Grover, vice president of Health and Safety Regulatory Affairs for the National Restaurant Association and coalition cochairman, said, “The Hospitality Coalition on IAQ has brought together divergent groups committed to providing customers and workers in hospitality establishments with a comfortable environment.”

The initial 12 members of the Washington, DC-based partnership are: the Air Conditioning Contractors of America (ACCA); American Gaming Association (AGA); American Hotel & Lodging Association; American Resort Development Association (ARDA); Hotel Employees & Restaurant Employees International Union (HERETIC); National Energy Manage-ment Institute (NEMI); National Licensed Beverage Association (NLBA); National Restaurant Association (NRA); Nevada Resorts Association; Options, Philip Morris USA; Sheet Metal Workers’ International Association (SMWIA); and United Association of Plumbers & Pipefitters (UA).

For more information, visit www. hciaq.org (website).

Publication date: 03/12/2001