YORK, PA — York International Corp. announced that it has sold its Northfield Freezing Systems Group to FMC Corp., Chicago, IL. York and FMC also are committed to an ongoing strategic alliance by which York will provide industrial refrigeration systems and hvac equipment to FMC.

“We are excited about the opportunities provided by our continuing relationship with FMC,” said Michael R. Young, president and ceo of York. “Customers throughout the industry will benefit from the partnership.”

FMC is expected to combine Northfield with other companies in its FoodTech Group. With the addition of Northfield, Young noted, this group of FMC companies will have a major influence on the North American market for food freezing systems.

“Our alliance will allow York to be the primary supplier of industrial refrigeration systems to the customers of these FMC companies. This is an excellent opportunity for the York Refrigeration Group and the Frick Factor network, which is involved in the design, installation, and service of refrigeration systems,” Young said.

Northfield is a $60 million operation whose key products include LTS spiral freezers, coolers, proofers, and dehydrators for the food processing industry. The business employs 240 people and operates production facilities in Northfield, MN; Smithville, OH; Norwich, England; and Auckland, New Zealand.

“This complementary acquisition offers FMC FoodTech the opportunity to enhance our position as a leader in the development of freezing systems. We also expect to increase the scale and level of service to customers of both companies, and create a stronger operational base in North America,” said Charles H. Cannon, FMC vice president and general manager of FMC FoodTech.