ATLANTA, GA — At this year’s AHR Expo, a variety of steam humidifiers were on display. Steam humidification may not be new, but many companies have found ways to improve on the concept, improving the technology for added convenience.

Nortec NH Series

Nortec Industries Inc.(Ogdens-burg, NY) has introduced a new model to its line of electrode steam humidifiers. The NH Series of steam humidifiers includes the NHMC, NHP, NHB, and now the NHDI model. Each model is a self-contained steam humidifier with isothermal technology and produces a mineral-free, odorless, and sterile steam. The NH Series has an auto-adaptive water management system, which allows the unit to operate in various water conditions with minimum water usage and ensures full output throughout the life of the cylinder. Also, according to Nortec, the series can provide 5 to 200 lbs of clean steam per hour using a single unit on any voltage (more when linked to an 800-lbs/hr system). The humidifiers can also be connected to an hvac system or used with a blower pack in direct space application. The company says the NHMC model is an advanced electrode steam humidifier. The unit has a built-in microprocessor which can update all the operating parameters and is program compatible with many building management control systems. The NHB and NHP models are similar to the NHMC, but are more basic and smaller versions. The new NHDI is much like the NHMC, but the NHDI can use demineralized (DI) water. In the other NH Series models, the humidifier collects water-borne minerals and stores them in the cylinder, where they are periodically flushed out. According to Patrice Theriault, product manager of the NH Series, the major difference in the two models is that the NHDI uses DI water, which is free of minerals. “The accuracy you can get with this is very beneficial,” said Theriault about the NHDI model. He also says that with electrode steam humidifiers there is usually a ±3% to 5% rh. With the NHDI, there is a ±1% rh. For more information on the NH Series or other Nortec products,


TheTrion Inc., Herrmidifier(Sanford, NC) steam humidifier is the Herrmidisteam-SS model. According to the company, there are several notable features to this new humidifier, including chemical-free steam.

The Herrmidisteam humidifier is used with an existing boiler and eliminates the problems that are associated with boiler-treatment chemicals. The SS can also be used with raw water applications.

For use with deionized water in cleanroom applications, the company also has the Herrmidisteam-SS-DI model. Both models have the same features and benefits except that the SS uses a copper heat exchanger while the SS-DI uses a stainless steel heat exchanger.

According to the company, benefits of the Herrmidisteam include simple installation and a long, rust-free life. The unit also facilitates descaling, which reduces cleaning efforts, the company says.

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EWC Controls

The new S2000 and S2020 Autoflo steam humidifiers were showcased byEWC Controls Inc.(Englishtown, NJ). These humidifiers were developed by the company as whole-house humidifiers for the residential market.

The S2020 and S2000 have a number of features, including a built-in computer chip that the manufacturer says works as a computer watchdog. This computer chip helps to ensure accuracy, reliability, and safety.

Both models have an automatic flush system, which is designed to drain the humidifier for every 12 hrs of operation. The humidifier will completely empty itself, and will not refill until there is a need for humidity again. This helps to ensure that when the humidifier is not operating, it is not full of water.

Finally, both the S2000 and S2020 models operate and turn the fan on independently of the furnace. They also have an LED read-out for the installer or homeowner to better monitor the unit.

One of the differences in the models is the size. The S2000 is a smaller model, with an output capacity of 16 gal/day. The S2020 model has the capability to output 22 gal/day.

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