Marketing director Karen Collins stated that Broan-NuTone’s new humidity sensing fans feature “Sensaire” technology and are Energy Star qualified.
CHICAGO - It was quite fitting that the 2006 International Air-Conditioning, Heating, Refrigerating Exposition (AHR Expo) featured numerous fans, blowers, air handlers, and similar products. After all, the show was held in Chicago, so attendees were used to getting blown around during their stay in the Windy City.

Advanced Distributor Products ( introduced its MX Series ModuleFlex modular blower, which matches ADP coils. The blower is designed for attics, crawlspaces, and other places where larger 13 SEER equipment may not fit. Also revealed was the F, P Series residential air handlers, which feature a wrap-around flange design that makes systems more airtight. Efficient three-speed motors allow more cost-effective operation.

Air-Drive ( showcased its newly designed prop fans. The three-and four- wing assembled props are designed for quiet operation and maximum airflow delivery. Fan diameters range from 16 to 24 inches with one or two set screw hubs, with a choice of aluminum or galvalume blades.

Broan-NuTone (; launched its new line of Ultra Silentâ„¢ humidity sensing fans and fan/light/nightlights. The humidity-sensing fans are automatic - once the room's relative humidity is set, the fan will automatically turn on to exhaust excess moisture and turn off once the job is done. The company also introduced seven decorative fan/lights in two power and sound levels.

ClimateCraft ( highlighted the new foamed floor in its air handlers. According to spokesman Joe Cappello, the floor prevents condensation in the sub-base of the air handler. It also won't absorb water and acts as a thermal break. The air handlers also feature one-piece liners, which eliminate fasteners in the airstream.

Continental Fan Manufacturing ( showcased its new Aerolight line of lighting and ventilation products for bathrooms and showers. Spokesperson Jennifer Sinclair said the exhaust grille provides elegant lighting and superior ventilation for modern bathrooms and shower enclosures. The Aerolight fits a standard 4- or 6-inch round duct.

Ebm-papst ( introduced its Gas Blower 2006, which is considerably smaller and more compact than its predecessor, the RG130. Spokesperson Jamie Perkins stated that the new blower is designed for pre-mixing condensing appliances with a heating power of up to 30 kW. The company also introduced its AC Giant axial fans, which are available in sizes up to 800 millimeter in diameter and backward curved impellers up to 630 millimeter in diameter.

Fedders ( announced the introduction of its newest generation of 13 SEER electric air handlers. With air handling capacities from 1.5 to 5 tons, the new 13 SEER air handlers feature a number of developments for simpler operation and easier installation, including relocated controls and smaller steel parts.

Haier ( launched a new line of wall-mounted air handlers. The new HW Series have been designed for apartments and condominium markets and are specifically designed with high capacities. The 13 SEER line can be matched with a new series of Haier outdoor condensing units.

MagicAire ( featured its new DUX Series vertical or horizontal fan coil unit. The units feature 13 plus SEER, 1-inch throwaway filters, two speed motors with thermal overload protection, and three and four row copper tube/aluminum fin DX coils to match most heat pump condensing units, and have piston metering refrigerant control.

Ebm-papst showcased its new Gas Blower 2006, as well as its AC Giant axial fans.
Manrose( introduced its Toilet Seat Extract System, which provides a discreet and effective solution for removing toilet odors at the source. The system consists of an odor collecting inlet at the base of the toilet seat, which is connected to an extractor fan located at the rear of the toilet. Air is drawn away from the toilet and expelled outside through a small duct.

Mechanovent Corp. ( featured its new DWDI forward curved fans, which feature a powder-coated rugged housing, and robust square side support frames. Design features include capacities up to 32,000 cfm, static pressures to 3.25-inches WG, 10 sizes ranging from 9 to 20 inches wheel diameter, and temperatures to 120°F.

Metal Form ( showcased its new Micro-Stak RFU from Commercial Acoustics, which is a raised floor unit that serves as a supply air handler for underfloor distribution systems. The compact unit features a vibrationally isolated tube axial fan with flexible connections and low noise levels.

Panasonic ( rolled out its new WhisperGreen ceiling-mounted ventilation fans. National accounts manager Gary John stated that these fans are the first in the industry to utilize DC motors and are therefore 30 percent to 70 percent more energy efficient than previous models. The FV-11VKM1 fan also features a SmartAction motion sensor.

Rae Corp. ( featured its AirCube air-handling system for underfloor air distribution. Spokesperson Adam Meyer said the system is designed for low static pressure drops and features fully integrated axial fans, coils, filters, vibration isolation, and sound attenuation.

Rheem ( introduced its Prestige Series® air handlers, which feature the GE® ECM® motor for soft starts, whisper-quiet operation, and improved energy efficiency. The new air-handler line has an easily convertible design for upflow, downflow, horizontal-left, and horizontal-right installations. The air handlers also utilize a GE X-13® motor.

Rosenberg ( showcased its new EC free blowing fans with EC external rotor motor and integrated power electronics. The EC motor results in major efficiency advantages during operation, according to spokesperson Holger Diedrich, and also reduces heat generation, which subsequently reduces the required cooling performance of the air-handling unit.

Panasonic had an interactive display at its booth, which demonstrated how much energy a traditional bath fan uses compared to its new line of WhisperGreen fans.
Ruud( launched its new High Achiever® air handlers, which feature a GE X-13 motor for improved energy efficiency, quiet operation, and energy savings. The GE ECM motor results in soft starts, whisper-quiet operation, and improved energy efficiency. Other features include a sturdy double-wall, gasketed-cabinet construction with ½ inch of foil-faced insulation for excellent sound and insulating characteristics.

Thermo Pride ( introduced its air handler, which can be converted from electric to oil or gas heat. The unit features a high-performance evaporator with durable copper tubing and aluminum fins, as well as a GE ECM motor to increase efficiency. Other benefits include foil-faced insulation, an optional hydronic heating coil, and a horizontal drain pan built to remove A/C condensate.

Triangle Engineering ( introduced several new products, including JetAire high velocity fans, Master Breeze pedestal fans, and V Series commercial wall fans. The JetAire moves air at distances of 100 feet or more and comes with or without oscillation. The Master Breeze comes in two or three speeds and provides air movement from 5,600 to 9,600 cfm. The V Series is designed for intake or exhaust applications, where a quiet economical commercial-grade fan is needed.

Twin City Fan Companies ( featured its Model BCRD-E belt-driven roof exhausters now constructed of Endurexâ„¢ polymeric material. Endurex provides the same long lasting characteristics as aluminum but with significantly improved impact, weather, corrosion, and UV resistance, said product manager Timothy Clifford.

The company also highlighted its new BAE-SW and BAE-DW airfoil centrifugal fans, as well as a new line of plenum fans.

Whalen Co. ( highlighted the recent inclusion of ECM motor technology on its fan coil units. The 50/50 four-pipe system features all the advantages of a conventional four-pipe system but reduces pump and piping requirements by 50 percent. The unit does not have electric valves, dampers, or flow control valves.

Ziehl-Abegg ( launched its new FR line of axial fans with adjustable blade pitch. Spokesperson Thomas Baranek stated that the fans feature variable blade pitch and number, and high impeller efficiency for more airflow with less energy. Customers will benefit from reduced sound power levels and reduced operating costs.

Publication date: 02/13/2006