At the CertainTeed booth, a waterfall made of ToughGard fiberglass insulation with enhanced surface demonstrated its moisture resistance.

Purafil's new Purafilter filter material suspends its potassium permanganate media particles in AQF's bicomponent fiber matrix without the use of adhesives.
ATLANTA, GA — Want the word on the latest in indoor air quality (IAQ) at the AHR Expo? Well, word up; here it is.

The new CAP1200-UVP from Abatement Technologies, Inc. (Duluth, GA), designed for residential and light commercial applications, joins the company’s line of central air purifiers. It handles 4- to 10-ton systems, delivering 50 to 80 clean air changes per day, says the company.

Independent labratory testing shows that Research Products' Aprilaire Model 5000 electronic air cleaner can remoce 80% of airborne particulate from 0.02 to .3 microns in size.

The 99.97%-efficient HEPA final filter captures airborne contaminants, the company says, while the UV Plus emitter produces germicidal UV to control airborne bacteria and viruses, plus a controlled level of ozone to impair mold and fungal growth, and chemically break down VOCs and unpleasant odors.

Research Products Corp. (Madison, WI) announced that recent tests performed at an independent laboratory indicate its Aprilaire electronic air cleaner, Model 5000, can remove 80% of airborne particulate ranging from 0.02 to 0.3 microns in size — the same size as airborne viruses such as influenza, measles, and the common cold.

Research Triangle Institute, a nonprofit organization located in North Carolina, performed the test using an ultra-fine KCI aerosol, 0.012 to 0.34 microns in size.

Bruce Darkow, spokesperson for the company, said, “We know of no other residential air cleaner that even comes close to delivering this kind of performance on particles so small.”

CertainTeed Corp. (Valley Forge, PA) put its new duct liner surface enhancement to the test at the show in a live demonstration of its moisture-repellent properties. A continually running waterfall fashioned of ToughGard™ fiberglass insulation with enhanced surface illustrated the moisture resistance of the new surface.

In addition, the company announced that the enhanced surface feature is now available on ToughGard R, the company’s rotary-based duct liner. It joins ToughGard duct liner, a long-textile-based product. The new surface will not absorb moisture like conventional fiberglass duct liners and has proven to be approximately 40% more moisture resistant than its previous generation of duct liner, says the company.

Purafil, Inc. (Doraville, GA) and AQF Technologies, LLC (Charlotte, NC), a wholly owned subsidiary of BBA Group PLC, announced the introduction of a new chemical filtration material. The result of a two-year joint research and development effort, the new Purafilter™ material will be marketed exclusively by Purafil as a second-phase generation of its existing product line and manufactured exclusively by AQF Technologies.

Information please: Johns Manville had a new installation guide for its Spiracoustic Plus round duct liner and a new comparison guide on non-fibrous duct liner.
The new filter material suspends Purafil Select potassium permanganate media particles in AQF’s bicomponent fiber matrix without the use of adhesives. As a result, the new material offers superior gas removal capacity and efficiency, the companies say. In addition, a layer of particulate filtration can be added to the filter to combine chemical filtration and particulate filtration in the same product.

Also introduced was the Purafil Disposable Tray (PDT), designed to retrofit refillable trays in V-bank, side-access filtration systems. The tray is factory-filled with the user’s choice of gas-phase air filtration media and comes ready to be installed. No separate handling of the media is required — an advantage over existing trays, which must be emptied when media is spent and refilled with new media, says the company.

Trion's Infinity Modular AirPac air cleaning and purification system has a patent-pending electrostatic design that is said to maintain an air cleaning efficiency rating of up to 99%.
The PDT is constructed of 100% recycled paper products and is designed primarily for recirculation air applications in hospitals, hotels, restaurants, airports, laboratories, and other commercial facilities.

Greenheck (Schofield, WI) displayed a wide-ranging product line including energy recovery ventilators. The units package a total enthalpy wheel with exhaust and supply blowers. Airflow capacities range from 300 to 12,000 cfm. Its MiniVent model is for commercial or institutional applications where a low (300 to 800) cfm of ventilated air is required. Units are also available with heating (Model ERH) or cooling and heating (Model ERT).

Trymer 2000-brand rigid insulation joined Dow Chemical's family of building materials products.
Nutech Energy Systems Inc.(London, ON, Canada) offered its Lifebreath heat recovery ventilator (HRV) and TFP air cleaner. The air cleaner (available in whole house or console portable models) uses the principle of turbulent flow precipitation to remove close to 100% of the airborne pollutants from the home, while operating consistently at maximum efficiency, says the company.

The newest additions to the line are the Clean Air Furnace and the Air Handler. The patented furnace combines the fresh air benefits of the HRV with the comfort and efficiency of the water heater/air handler, providing constant ventilation and a steady stream of warm air for a healthy, comfortable home environment, the company says.

The Mechanical Insulations Group of Johns Manville Corp. (Denver, CO) offered a new installation guide for its Spiracoustic Plus™ round duct liner system. The “whys and hows” of installation are discussed in detail, along with photographs and examples of typical round duct configurations, fitting types, and installation steps.

The Commercial/Industrial Insulation Division provided a new comparison guide reporting on the performance of non-fibrous duct liner in 19 industry tests.

The Filtration Division exhibited Delta-Aire™ glass and synthetic air filtration media. Glass media provide mechanical efficiencies, while synthetics derive their efficiencies from electrostatic charges. Products include extended-life media and low differential pressure media, the company says.

Camfil Farr (El Segundo, CA) debuted its consolidated air filtration products and capabilities for the hvac market. Formed in mid-2000 by the merger of Camfil AB of Sweden and the Farr Co., the manufacturer says it now offers one of the most extensive product lines in the filtration industry.

Products available include pleated panels; rigid, box-style filters; close-pleat high-efficiency panels; extended-surface ASHRAE filters; carbon products and adsorbers; cleanroom filters; HEPA/ULPA filters and ducted ceiling modules; bag-in/bag-out containment systems; turbine filtration products; and other IAQ-oriented specialty products.

New from Purolator (Hender-son, NC) are its P-800 and B-850 chemisorbent filters. The P-800 uses potassium permanganate- impregnated activated alumina for effective control of low molecular weight gases, says the company. The B-850 uses potassium permanganate-impregnated activated alumina plus activated carbon to control a broad range of gaseous contaminants, the company says.

At the booth of Dectron (Mon-treal, PQ, Canada and Roswell, GA), its Circul-Aire unit offered chemically engineered Multi-Mix® filter media that provides continuous purification of thousands of odorous and corrosive contaminants, says the company. Services include qualitative/quantitative air analysis and a full range of gas phase filtration for commercial, industrial, and residential applications, the manufacturer says.

Knauf Fiber Glass GmbH (Shelbyville, IN) showed Air Duct Board-M with Hydroshield™ which is a proprietary moisture hold-out technology developed for duct insulation. It modifies the properties of the fiberglass board to enhance the low porosity characteristics of the mat facing on the airstream surface. The resulting composite material holds out water, to keep the insulation dry and prevent IAQ problems, says the company.

Colorful DuctSox fabric air dispersion products remain above the fray on the show floor.
The firm’s duct wrap with PSK facing provides a smooth, white finished appearance; low water vapor permeance; high resistance to inorganic chemicals; and resistance to environmental stress — cracking, yellowing, or brittleness, the company says.

The Series TUB tubeaxial upblast roof ventilator, from TC Ventco, a Twin City Fan Co. (Minneapolis, MN), is designed to provide cost-effective, general-purpose ventilation of commercial buildings, says the manufacturer. Belted and direct-drive models are available with adjust-able pitch/cast aluminum or fixed pitch/fabricated steel propellers.

Trion, Inc. (Sanford, NC), introduced the Infinity Modular AirPac, a next-generation air cleaning and purification system, which features a patent-pending electrostatic design that maintains an air cleaning efficiency rating of up to 99% and enables reduced energy costs due to its ability to maintain a pressure drop of just 0.25 in., says the company.

The system is engineered for applications such as institutions, high-rise buildings, hospitals, schools, universities, airports, malls, indoor stadiums, arenas, and hotels. Launch of the product is scheduled for late in the second quarter of 2001.

Permatron Corp. (Franklin Park, IL) showcased its latest products, including a 2-in. DustPlus® air filter containing a high-density activated carbon pack for industrial-strength jobs, and a new electronic air cleaner upgrade kit designed to remove small particles from the air and enhance the working efficiency of the air cleaner, without affecting the airflow requirement, the company says.

Trymer 2000-brand rigid insulation, a polyurethane-modified polyisocyanurate foam, has joined the Dow Chemical Co. (Midland, MI) family of building materials products recognized for their blue color. Although it has turned blue, it remains the same pipe insulation product, with the addition that it is now available for use in commercial chilled water applications.

Effective between -297° and 300°F, the insulation is available in a range of densities and compressive strengths, and manufactured to meet Class 1 flame and fire performance standards, the manufacturer says.

Used on drain pans, coils, blower assemblies, etc., BBJ Micro-Biocide®, from BBJ Environmen-tal Solutions, Inc. (Tampa, FL), creates an inhospitable environment for bacteria and mold, and its lingering effects inhibit renewed growth for as long as six months after application, the company says. It is applied with a compressed air sprayer or fogging device.

In areas such as vents, grilles, and diffusers, microbial contamination may accumulate on the surfaces. BBJ Spray™ disinfectant/cleaner cleans and disinfects the surfaces where contamination can grow including the black mold streaks you may find around air vents, says the company.

Besides freshening lined and unlined air ducts, FreshDuct® odor eliminator destroys odors in crawl spaces, attics, and other areas, the manufacturer says.

The latest addition to the 3M (St. Paul, MN) line of water-based adhesives is the new Fastbond™ Insulation Adhesive 49. It is an environmentally friendly, one-component, pressure-sensitive adhesive that provides instant tack on fiber glass insulation and other lightweight materials, says the company. Unlike contact adhesives, the product offers one-surface application; bonded components reach handling strength on contact using only hand pressure, the company says.

Reflectix, Inc. (Markleville, IN), displayed a new fiber-free line of acoustic and thermal insulation products. Performance characteristics include resistance to mold, mildew, insects, and rodents; it is also environmentally safe and maintains a Class A, Class 1 fire rating, says the manufacturer.

Monty Millspaugh, vice president of technical services, noted, “Our products endured all required testing and certification for the industry. Reflectix provides acoustical and thermal efficiency that reduces unwanted noise and heat loss from equipment and ductwork.”

DuctSox (Dubuque, IA) fabric air dispersion products are designed to be used in virtually any environment with open architecture and an exposed ventilation system, says the company. Facilities include retail, commercial, educational, athletic, warehousing, food processing, etc. To handle different air throw requirements, the products use three air delivery methods utilizing a variety of fabrics. Each method is then customized to meet the needs of the application, the company says.

The Annexair (Drummond-ville, PQ, Canada) line of energy recovery equipment includes its ERV Series standard energy recovery ventilator, available in 12 casing sizes ranging from 400 to 36,000 cfm. The ERP Series provides an energy recovery ventilator with heating and cooling options, and the CRP Series is a custom-built system.

Polyvinyl coated ductwork (PCD), from Foremost Duct, Inc. (Farmington, MI), combines the strength of steel with the chemical inertness of plastic, making it useful for many fume exhaust applications, says the company. The company offers rectangular, round, and oval ductwork, as well as accessories.

The patented Equalizer® EQ2 register booster, from Suncourt Inc. (Durant, IA), is designed to automatically pull up to 80% more air to registers of a forced-air heating-cooling system not receiving proper airflow, says the company. The unit does not require installation. It mounts over floor and wall registers (6- by 12-in. or smaller) and plugs into a 110-V outlet.

FabricAir Inc. (Louisville, KY) introduced its Original Series fabric ductwork to the U.S. market. The round polyester duct is UL and NFPA 90A-1993 approved and has 30 years of successful applications in Europe, says the company. It is available in sizes ranging from 8- to 80-in. dia. (Canton, MA) is a website designed to provide rapid and easy access to resources involving IAQ issues. The site,, is also an e-commerce portal for IAQ and provides education on current and developing issues, according to the company.

Publication date: 02/19/2001