The Valve Position Indicator (VPIF) is a digital monitoring module that has been added to the Sealed Motor Valve (SMV) product line. It is now standard on all of the following models: HMMV, HMMR, HMXV, HMMVC, HMMRC, and HMXVC. The module monitors the valve position during normal operation and is used to recalibrate the valve after service work is performed. The large LED display allows for viewing of the valve position (in percent) during normal operation. The module contains an internal independent 4 mA and 20 mA current source, which is switch selectable for recalibration at the valve 0 percent 4 mA (closed) position and 100 percent 20 mA (full open) position. After calibrating the valve, the switch must be returned to the middle position (automatic) and the calibration key removed. The VPIF can be mounted on or near the valve for ease of use and visibility of the display. It can be mounted up to 10 feet (3 meters) in any direction from the valve. VPIEC extension cables are available where more length is required.

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