A UL-approved fiberglass plenum box with ceiling radiation damper (CRD) is available in three model styles. The fiberglass plenum boxes are offered in 1- and 1-1/2-inches-thick rigid ductboard with registers/grilles or drop duct applications. The fiberglass units include the I Model with a sleeveless plenum box, Model J for sleeve with knocked down plenum box, and the K Model, a sleeve with a completely assembled plenum box. Each is available in standard sizes ranging from 8 by 4 to 16 by 16 inches with the J and K models offered in either an R4.2 or R6.0 insulation thickness. For versatile installation options, the CRD-50 fiberglass construction is designed as a blind box to allow contractors to connect round ductwork as needed for numerous angle arrangements. A plaster flange creates a smooth, clean finish and models can be ordered with an optional boot clip assembly.

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