ST. LOUIS - Emerson Climate Technologies has introduced an updated Universal Products Quick Reference Guide for contractors. The Visor Card is a pocket-sized reference guide produced by White-Rodgers that contains information about White-Rodgers Universal Replacement Products and thermostats. It is available at no charge.

The 4.25- x 11-inch two-sided card is designed for contractors to store in a toolbox, in their vehicle's sun visor, or in their back pockets. One side features a listing of White-Rodgers Universal Products, specifications, and a cross-reference selection guide. Some of the products featured are universal gas valves and ignition modules, including spark modules and silicon carbide ignitor replacements.

The reverse side of the Quick Reference folds out to reveal a complete listing of White-Rodgers 90, 80, and 70 Series electronic programmable and non-programmable thermostats. The Visor Card also includes the latest information about the 90 Series Blue touchscreen and the 80 Series Blue digital thermostats. Contractors can select various thermostats based on application, customer needs, and budget constraints. The Visor Card also provides a color-coded thermostat application guide with sell-up features, complete specifications, and terminal lists for each thermostat.

"This valuable reference card provides all the information a contractor needs for determining universal replacement products," said Ron Miles, vice president of sales and marketing-distribution. "The color-coding, cross-reference, and small, fold-out size make the Universal Products Quick Reference Visor Card a handy, convenient way for contractors to quickly determine the proper replacement parts for their customers."

The White-Rodgers Universal Products Quick Reference Visor Card (form WR-0889) is available free of charge from White-Rodgers distributors. Contractors can also visit to request a complimentary copy online.

Publication date: 11/06/2006