ST. LOUIS - White-Rodgers has announced the availability of its updated Universal Products Quick Reference Visor Card for HVAC contractors. The Visor Card is a pocket-sized reference guide that contains information about White-Rodgers® universal replacement products and thermostats.

The 4.25- x 11-inch two-sided card is said to be ideal for contractors to store in a toolbox, in their vehicle’s sun visor, or in their back pockets. One side features a listing of White-Rodgers universal products, specifications, and a cross-reference selection guide. Products featured are universal gas valves, single and two-stage ignition modules, including spark modules, and silicon carbide ignitor replacements.

The reverse side of the Visor Card folds out to reveal a complete listing of Emerson® Blue™ thermostats from White-Rodgers. Contractors can select thermostats based on customer needs for programmable and non-programmable models and stages required for heating/cooling. The card is designed to make selection easy with a color-coded thermostat application guide with sell-up features, complete specifications and terminal lists for each thermostat.

“Over the years, the Visor Card has proved to be a valuable tool for contractors,” said Ron Miles, vice president of sales–distribution, White-Rodgers. “The color-coding, cross-reference and small, fold-out size make the card a handy, convenient way for contractors to quickly determine the most current replacement parts for their customers.”

The White-Rodgers Universal Products Quick Reference Visor Card (form WR-0889) is available free of charge from White-Rodgers distributors and sales representatives. A PDF file can also be downloaded at

Publication date:03/01/2010