MILWAUKEE - Oklahoma State University's (OSU's) Center for Veterinary Health and Sciences (Veterinary Center) announced that its has embarked on a facility upgrade project that will avoid more than $9 million in energy expenditures over the next 20 years while improving its learning environment and creating healthier surroundings for the community. Through a performance contract with Johnson Controls Inc., the center will save energy and reduce greenhouse gas emissions through building technology upgrades.

Under the agreement, Veterinary Center facilities will receive upgraded lighting, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical technologies, as well as improved windows. Some project elements include installing occupancy sensor controls, creating and implementing water conservation measures, updating and replacing air-handling units, and installing additional building controls at major campus buildings.

"The performance contract with Johnson Controls enables us to avoid spending nearly $340,000 annually on energy-related expenses," said Dr. Michael Lorenz, dean, OSU Center for Veterinary Health Sciences. "The contract guarantees financial savings and energy reductions. The benefits to taxpayers, students, and the surrounding community will be realized many years into the future."

The center will reduce the amount of fossil fuels needed to produce electricity, steam, and chilled water for the college. The project is expected to lower pollutant output by approximately 12 million pounds. The total pollutant reduction is equivalent to the energy consumed by 207 single-family homes (30,000 kWh/yr).

"As an educational institution, OSU's Veterinary Center is setting an example by implementing a performance contract that will create a world class academic learning environment while maintaining building comfort levels," said Joshua Wilkens, higher education account executive, Johnson Controls. "At the same time, the institution becomes a leader in environmental initiatives by reducing greenhouse gases and pollutants."

Publication date: 10/09/2006