OKLAHOMA CITY — AirX Climate Solutions Inc. (ACS) has acquired AboveAir Technologies, a specialty HVAC company focused on the data center market.

AboveAir will become a new division within ACS, adding another brand to the ACS platform for commercial and industrial HVAC solutions. The acquisition significantly expands ACS’s product offerings into the data center market, and bolsters its leadership position as a national full-service HVAC provider for specialty and mission-critical applications, according to a press release from ACS.

With the acquisition, ACS expands into the Mid-Atlantic region, where it will invest in manufacturing capacity at AboveAir’s new 100,000-square-foot facility, the company said. ACS now has more than 700 team members across five manufacturing facilities in the United States.

AboveAir, based in Frederick, Maryland, has been involved the design and manufacturing of precision cooling solutions for mission-critical applications for more than 20 years. Going forward, AboveAir founder Matt Miller will help lead ACS’s data center growth strategy as president of the AboveAir division, reporting to ACS CEO Rick Aldridge, the ACS press release said. Miller will also become a shareholder in ACS, alongside other members of the management team and Gryphon Investors, a leading middle-market private equity firm with approximately $9 billion of assets under management, which invested in ACS in November 2023.

“We’re excited to welcome AboveAir President Matt Miller and his team to ACS,” Aldridge said. “We look forward to partnering with them to further enhance the strong business they have developed. We will build upon AboveAir’s strategic and market strengths in data centers while leveraging ACS’s expertise and resources to accelerate growth, as we have with our other HVAC specialty brands.”

“AboveAir Technologies has provided innovative HVAC product solutions for commercial and industrial applications since 2003,” said Miller. “We’re thrilled to join the ACS team, as our strategies and culture complement each other well, and together our combined capabilities will enable us to accelerate growth within AboveAir’s core data center market while broadening the ACS combined regional footprint to fuel faster growth.”