As part of the AIM Act, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is mandating a 700 GWP limit for most new comfort cooling equipment starting January 1, 2025. As that deadline quickly approaches, it’s time for contractors and technicians to learn how to install and service equipment containing these new refrigerants. Manufacturers have already started introducing their A2L systems in the U.S, following close collaboration with dealers in order to install and test the equipment before it becomes widely available to the public. For those contractors who have already installed the equipment, it’s business as usual. One contractor in particular, Austin Branstetter, owner of Quality Heating and Air in Louisville, Kentucky, said that when compared with when R-410A came out in place of R-22, there wasn’t a huge learning curve. Even his technicians were surprised because they thought the installation might be difficult, but instead it was very similar, and nothing special.

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