“… I love diagnostics, I love troubleshooting and figuring out what's making the system not tick.”
- Danielle Leisten
Service Manager
Buric Heating & Air

Name: Danielle Leisten

Title: Service Manager

Why She’s in the Spotlight: Though technically a service manager, Danielle Leisten of Buric Heating & Air, in Ellicott City, Maryland, does more than manage. For about four years, some of Leisten’s daily tasks have included selling, being a team leader to technicians as well as a comfort advisor, and training to become her current position as a service manager.

“She embodies the ‘do what's right for the customer’ attitude by always going above and beyond, constantly learning to perfect her craft, and she is extremely intelligent,” said Estee Jaacovi, HVAC, plumbing, and electrical business coach and sales trainer, at CertainPath. “She is loved by her company and community and I cannot wait to see where she goes in this field. She is truly a gem.”

Leisten’s journey into the HVAC industry started with being laid off from her previous job as an energy consultant in D.C.

“After looking at and applying to a bunch of jobs, I kind of had a change of heart that I didn't want to work behind a desk for the rest of my life,” Leisten said. “But I still wanted to do energy work, and in Maryland, the only trade at the schools I was looking at that offered energy efficiency was HVAC. So I joined up and never looked back.”

It was a good move on her part. Because now, according to Jaacovi, she stands out in the field due to her kindness, intelligence, drive, and passion for growth.

“I hear it constantly on our coaching calls ... she is always asking for better ways to handle any conflict that arises, thus making it a better work environment for everyone,” Jaacovi said. “She came to me for advice, not for her own personal gains, but how to help her company grow and succeed to be the ultimate contributor to the overall company vision.”

Leisten calls herself a huge nerd, and attributes that to why she loves educating customers on different ways to save money by conditioning their space.

“And honestly, a lot of people hate it but I love diagnostics, I love troubleshooting and figuring out what's making the system not tick,” Leisten said.

The most rewarding part of Leisten’s job is getting a system back up and running on either a really cold day or a really hot day. Customers get really excited about not having to buy a new system.

“They have a relief on their face that says, ‘Everything is going to be okay,’” Leisten said.

As Leisten’s career continues, she hopes to help attract younger people to the industry.

“I know there's a lot of younger guys and some, but very few, women joining the trades,” Leisten said. “I enjoy helping them understand the trades and believe that it's not just for the old grizzled guys … bringing them in and communicating that they can have an amazing life by having a career in HVAC, and have opportunities without having to go to college.”

Advice to Young Techs: “The HVAC industry is a great way to learn a little about each trade, to feel like you're actually helping people and your community, all while making a livable income with job security,” Leisten said. “There has been a big push for advancing the trades in recent years, and there are a lot of great companies to get in with, especially now, for the next generation to help push the trades forward. From maintenance, to service, to install, to the phones, I advise anyone interested to check the industry out.”