Company: ECM PCB Stator Tech

Product: 3hp PCB Stator Pump Motor

Description: ECM’s 3hp PCB Stator pump motor is ultra lightweight and brings a top efficiency rating with core features such as a premium efficiency of 94%. Its pump motor, at 22 pounds, is 68% lighter than the leading market option and requires 66% less copper. The PCB Stator motor has an axial length of 100mm, and it is applicable to — and customizable to exact specifications for — an array of commercial and residential HVACR pump use cases: heating, cooling, condensing, fire-safety systems, irrigation, mining, and more. The Boston-based startup leveraged its patented printed circuit board stator technology and PrintStator Motor CAD platform to create the motor in collaboration with a large, international pump manufacturer. 

Contact: (617) 340-3241; 

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