EAST BRUNSWICK, N.J.  — CEO Warrior, a mentoring, training, and coaching organization for the owners of service businesses, will host its Warrior Awakening June 6-9 with an eye toward helping home service companies scale up their businesses.

“The Warrior Awakening event is not only geared toward helping contractors revitalize their business and optimize growth, but it also teaches them how to implement a warrior culture within their organization that sticks,” said CEO Warrior co-owner and COO Mike Disney. “Each day is packed with tips to grow, scale, and dominate your market, differentiate yourself from your competition, and prepare the right strategies for an improved future.”

The four-day course will also feature vendor showcases, sessions on recruiting, training, and retaining the right employees, a Centurion/Emperor dinner and a belt ceremony dedicated to former CEO Warrior member Dustin Folkes.

Folkes started Folkes Homes Services in New York’s Hudson Valley in 1998 with one truck and grew it into a powerhouse service company employing more than 30 people. He was an active and beloved member of CEO Warrior before his death in November 2021.

“We want to bring out our attendees’ inner warriors,” Disney said. “This event isn’t for the faint-hearted. It’s hands-on training that can involve mental and physical challenges designed to teach contractors how to apply the lessons they will learn. Applied knowledge is power. You can learn new skill sets, but they don’t work until you change your mindset.”

The seminar will be held at CEO Warrior’s headquarters in East Brunswick, New Jersey, and is only open to the company’s members.

For more information about CEO Warrior and how to become a member, visit ceowarrior.com.