MT. PROSPECT, Ill. — The ESCO Institute has reached a significant milestone by issuing their two millionth credential. The momentous occasion took place on Jan. 17, when Miguel Zavala from Savannah, Georgia, visited Johnstone Supply in Savannah to take the Low GWP Refrigerant Safety Exam. Little did he, or Michael Hesch (the test administrator), know that this exam would mark the 2 millionth certification credential issued by ESCO Institute.

Founded in 1988 by Jerry Weiss, the ESCO Institute has focused on educating the industry on new tools and advancements in technology. Understanding the need to prepare others for the future, Weiss worked with regulatory agencies, standards organizations, and other groups to develop new programs to prepare the industry for changes, such as decarbonization, electrification, or refrigerant transitions.

Over the years, the ESCO Institute has established itself as a leader in the industry, continually striving to look ahead and find better ways to assist the industry. As a result of these efforts, the institute has established several organizations, including the AC&R Safety Coalition, Carbon Monoxide Safety Association, Data Registry Services, Did You Know Show, ESCO Doc Registry, Green Mechanical Council, HVAC Excellence, HVACR Education Resource Network, HVACR Learning Network, and National HVACR Education Conference.

The ESCO Institute offers more than 80 industry certifications, both written and hands-on, to cater to the varying needs of students, technicians, contractors, and instructors. With this unique and highly respected vantage point, the institute can track the progress and accomplishments of individuals as they advance in the industry.

Reaching the 2 millionth credential mark is a significant achievement for the ESCO Institute, and it highlights their unwavering commitment to the industry's education and development. The institute's continued efforts to prepare the industry for the future ensure that it remains a vital player in the HVACR industry. For more information, visit