TUALATIN, Ore. — Nortek Air Solutions’ Tualatin, Oregon facility has been recognized for the sixth consecutive year with the Washington County Oregon Green Business Leaders Green Business Certification. This certification recognizes organizations’ efforts in sustainable materials management, toxics reduction, and supporting actions like conserving water and energy. This year, the facility received the gold level certification for meeting 40+ green business practices. 

Nortek Air Solutions – Tualatin Recycling Supervisor Chris Pelican noted, “We are proud to once again have received the Green Business Certification and are committed to upholding our responsibility as stewards of the environment through our green business practices. We believe that a sustainable future starts with the choices we make today."

Some of the green practices the Tualatin facility have implemented include: 

  • Using iPads on the manufacturing floor instead of paper
  • Use of high-efficiency hand dryers 
  • Providing clearly labeled recycling receptacles 
  • Employee education about reduce/reuse/recycle practices 
  • Using rechargeable instead of single-use batteries 
  • Using third-party certified green cleaning products
  • Using low-flow water faucets
  • Using LED light bulbs
  • Providing sheltered and secure bike parking for employees
  • Returning pallets to vendors or recycling them 
  • A focus on continuous improvement, including regularly looking for new opportunities for recycling