Inaba Denko, a manufacturer of HVAC and refrigeration installation accessories formed in Japan over 85 years ago, has recently expanded its global reach by establishing Inaba Denko America Inc., based in Torrance, Calif.  This accomplishment was celebrated at a grand opening ceremony held on January 18, 2023, with the presence of master distributors, employees, vendors, and the team from Japan

The new company focuses on marketing and sales operations to the North American markets with an aim to better serve their customers around the region. Toshiaki Ishii, executive vice president of Inaba Denko America Inc. is enthusiastic about this expansion as it marks another milestone for the company's growth.

"We are confident that our newest addition will play a pivotal role towards achieving continued success,” he said.

Established in Japan back 1938, drawing over eight decades of experience, Inaba Denko now boasts operations spanning from Asia and Oceania, through Europe and Africa, all the way to North America. Committed to bringing its quality products stateside, Inaba Denko is leading innovation across multiple industries worldwide.

Highly respected in the HVAC accessories industry, Inaba Denko provides premium products to their customers worldwide, with a selection ranging from lineset covers to condensate drain systems and linesets.

The company’s brands below are recognized for delivering quality, precision and lasting durability;

  • Slimduct SD is a mini-split industry pioneer and trusted by contractors for over 45 years to conceal, protect, and beautify exposed linesets.
  • Slimduct RD lineset cover for VRf/VRF systems, provides an aesthetic and professional finish to any exposed rooftop line set layout. Fabricated from steel which is treated with a zinc/aluminum/magnesium coating, it offers superior resistance over stainless steel even in highly corrosive atmospheres, such as sea air.
  • Slimduct PD commercial, PVC AC line set cover protects any surface mounted line set installation and can also be used as a line set cover between the condenser and Slimduct RD system as a cover for VRV/VRF line sets and mini split line sets.
  • DSH-UP drain-up hose kit makes it easy to install drain-up piping on indoor commercial air conditioner systems. It eliminates piecing together PVC with multiple adhesive connections, and the risk of water leakage from cement failure.
  • PAIRCOIL is an all-in-one lineset with pre-paired and pre-insulated copper tubes. Offering unmatched benefits for installers and homeowners.

With this expansion, Inaba Denko America Inc. will ensure hands-on local assistance and business continuity on a long-term basis. The company strives for further achievements on product development, distribution, and customer relations.

For more information about the latest news, and new and exciting products, visit the company’s website at or follow them on Instagram @inabadenkoamerica.